Engaging Students Unconference 2016

Engaging Students Unconference 2016

We would like to invite you to the 4th Engaging Students, an unconference on music pedagogy. The conference will be hosted by the University of Delaware, and will take place in Newark on June 9-10, 2016 (Thursday starting at Noon through Friday around 5pm).

What is an unconference?

Engaging Students is modeled after The Humanities and Technology Camp (THATCamp). Here is how they define an unconference:

The shortest answer is this: an unconference is a highly informal conference. Two differences are particularly notable. First, at an unconference, the program isn’t set beforehand: it’s created on the first day with the help of all the participants rather than beforehand by a program committee. Second, at an unconference, there are no presentations - all participants in an unconference are expected to talk and work with fellow participants in every session. An unconference is to a conference what a seminar is to a lecture; going to an unconference is like being a member of an improv troupe where going to a conference is (mostly) like being a member of an audience. Unconferences are also free or cheap and open to all. For more information, see Wikipedia’s entry on the unconference.

Who is Engaging Students for?

Primarily professors, instructors, and graduate students in music with an interest in pedagogy. In the past, we have focused primarily on music theory. This year we are expanding the focus, to reflect the diversity of the community surrounding the Engaging Students ebooks and previous unconference attendees. (Aspiring) pedagogues from music theory, aural skills, music history, ethnomusicology, composition, performance, or education are all most welcome.

How can I register and what does it cost?

Registration is free! Click here to register.

How do I submit/propose a session?

Here are some details on how we put together an unconference program.


If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail one of the 2016 unconference organizers: