Engaging Students: Essays in Music Pedagogy, vol. 3

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Engaging Students: Essays in Music Pedagogy presents short essays on the subject of student-centered learning, and serves as an open-access, web-based resource for those teaching college-level classes in music. This is the third volume of Engaging Students. You can find the original collection and read more about the vision behind this project here.

We hope that you enjoy reading this volume as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.

Front matter

Foreword: Time to Change Your Mind
Peter Schubert



Proficiency-Based Learning with Muscle in a Music Theory Classroom
Vicky Johnson

Rethinking the Theory Classroom: Towards a New Model for Undergraduate Instruction
Sam L. Richards

Breaking (Musical) Stuff as an Act of (Music) Criticism
Daniel B. Stevens


Promoting Contemporary Music Engagement through the Composer Interview Project
Terry L. Dean

Engaging Students as Disciplinary Practitioners in an Introductory Theory Course
Anna Ferenc

Hearing Harmony Holistically: Statistical Learning and Harmonic Dictation
Brian Edward Jarvis

Training Ears with Peers: Establishing an Aural Skills Peer Tutoring Center
Megan Lyons

Teaching Critical Music Literacy Across the Curriculum
Marcie Ray

Student-Centered Learning Strategies for Teaching World and Popular Musics
Amanda L. Scherbenske

You, Y’all, We: A Framework for Cooperative Learning
Christopher Segall

Inverting Analysis
Daniel B. Stevens

Music Appreciation and General Education in the College Classroom: Four Activities to Create Meaningful Musical Engagement
Alexa Woloshyn


Crowdsourcing with Spotify in the Music Classroom
Brian D. Hoffman

Technology in Schoenberg’s “School of Criticism”: A Lesson from the Past
J. Daniel Jenkins

Flipping the Flip: Responsive Video in the Music Classroom
William O’Hara

Unraveling the Narrative Approach: Twine as Music Pedagogy
Colleen Renihan

Back matter


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Bryn Hughes, University of Lethbridge, co-editor
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